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…pretty please make it this one!!!

So I’m hijacking my own blog a little bit because I thought I’d have some fun:

A couple of days ago, I discovered Quirky.com.

Basically, you can submit an idea to Quriky, with a 140 character tagline and a bunch of pictures/drawings, and, if you get enough votes within 30 days and they like your idea, they’ll actually produce it (and you can get some royalties)!



Well, it sounded like fun, so I submitted my Flexible Spatula!

So, here’s my CALL TO ACTION: Please go to this link: http://www.quirky.com/ideations/275496 , and vote for my idea!!!

Now, let’s be clear about somethings before you all think I’m delusional:

I know that I will not get rich off of this idea. I also know that, if this idea is chosen for production, Quirky will get a little richer off of it…and that’s all fine to me.

I love the idea of their site because it brings to market a bunch of products that would otherwise not see the light of day: I didn’t mind devoting the ~40 minutes to draw my design or the ~20 minutes to submit it to Quirky, but I would mind the huge monetary investment into developing materials, creating mold plates, and establishing a good working relationship with China!

Also, they do well playing on the fact that most people are good initiators (they can come up with a plethora of great ideas), but most are awful ‘finishers’ (as this is the part of the job that takes MUCH more work).

On top of all of that, I could, and may, also do a separate post on their website design because it really is top notch (it’s easy to use and it even has a countdown clock for your 30 days that gets as detailed as the seconds until your idea is closed for voting to add to the sense of urgency)!

So, are you feeling inventive? Submit something to Quirky!!!


Well, I had some more fun with Inskscape today, and I wanted to share it with you.

(I was very much inspired by Joseph Joseph. You should really check out all of their awesome gadgets!!!)

Without further ado, I give you the Flex-I-Spatch:

Thanks for looking!!!

Stuck on you

70% Better No-Stick?

First of all, I don’t know if that’s correct grammar or not (but I’m guessing that it’s not…).

Secondly, how the heck did you determine that you’re 70% better at no-stickability? (My best guess: “Hey Earl! Only 3 of my 10 chicken nuggets stuck to the pan!!!”)

Thirdly, I don’t know if this makes your current product look awesome, or if it just makes your old product look like it was really, really bad…

70% is quite a jump in quality…How does that even happen?

Meijer Butter Fail!

Dear Meijer:

Why did you put the salted butter in a box with a red stripe and make the wrapper blue and put the unsalted butter in a box with a blue stripe and make the wrapper red?

Until I saw them side by side, I was making all kinds of mistakes assuming that my quarter stick of butter in the red wrapper was salted and vice versa!

Who thought this mixing of the color scheme was a good idea?