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I wish…

Our wants are insatiable, but we live in a world with scarcity.

This is the basis behind every economic text ever produced, and it’s a very true statement.

So, what are we to do? …we are to wish, of course!

This is where I have to again step in for Amazon.com for the inclusion of a wishlist on their site  (I realize that they’re not the only company to have done this, but theirs is a great example).

From their website, I can easily add items which I want, but can’t yet afford, to my wishlist. By adding things to my wishlist, what would be fleeting remains concrete and stored – I may have forgotten about a book that I wanted to read, but it would still be sitting there on my wishlist, waiting for me to make my move.

I can also share my wishlist with friends, who will then most likely use Amazon to purchase the items (this is because, again, the wishlist is incorporated into Amazon’s site). On top of that, I recently received an e-mail from Amazon with a ‘reminder’ of the items on my wishlist – clever on their part: innocently pushing me to make my purchase.

Double thumbs up, Amazon! Even if you don’t make a purchase today, you’re working hard to secure one in the future!

Barnes & Noble

A tip of the hat to Barnes & Noble!

I bought a new book last night, and, when I got home and took it out of the bag, this little guy fell out:


What an awesome move!

  • It’s mutually beneficial as it shows me books I may enjoy, and they know that I’m bound to purchase the next book from Barnes & Noble since that’s where I purchased the last one)
  • It’s cheap! How much can that little slip of paper and that dab of thermal printing cost?

If I had but one critique for Barnes & Noble, I’d have to say that they actually include their name on this receipt!!! If I were to come across this on my counter several weeks after making this purchase I may not remember where it came from and go buy this book from Borders.

Overall, this is a brilliant move that has been used extensively by online companies like Amazon, but often overlooked by mortar and brick retailers.

Way to go Barnes & Noble (but next time, put your name on the receipt)!!!