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Quick Thought #1

Why are they still so big, and why doesn’t that bother us?

OXO Fail

This one really breaks my heart…

OXO is a GREAT company (as far as their products are concerned); I think their kitchen gadgets are some of the most practical, well-constructed, well-designed gadgets on the market; they all have great grips and are built to last, and I look to their brand first when I need a new gadget.

…which leads me to the subject of my post: the OXO Toilet brush.

Now, this is a great idea (not amazingly innovative, but very practical): the cover closes around the brush when it is inserted into the holder so your dirty toilet brush is not out in view of anyone who wants to use your bathroom.

My issue lies with the execution: When checking this out in the store, I pulled directly up on the brush and the cover opened…and then immediately shut. Yes, unless I pulled up at an angle (putting the base almost off balance), the cover would just shut when the brush was removed.

To get the brush back into the holder, you’d have to open the cover (which is now dirty because it had the brush rub against it), and then put the brush back in. This is more unsanitary than just using the brushes with the open holder!

I’m disappointed that there isn’t some weighting or something that would prevent the holder from closing; as much as it hurts to say it, wag of the finger to OXO.