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There are always those who put it forth…and those who do not.

Photo taken by me at the Meijer on Westnedge Ave. in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


After all of the good times we’ve had together…

After all of the all of the major purchases we’ve made together…

After all of the personal information I’ve shared with you…

You send me this in an e-mail?!?!!

Amazon.com customer? Is that all I am to you? (…and even if it is…why would you be that obvious about it?)

It truly is the little things which separate the amazing from the run-of-the-mill…

Barnes and Noble – Fail

It grieves my heart to post this, especially since they were doing so well

Today, I received the following in an e-mail from Barnes & Noble:

Yes, that’s right, I received an e-mail featuring “Oprah’s Book Club”.

Barnes & Noble, you know me better than that!

I have bought many, many books from you; from Blink to The Tipping Point, from  Positioning to Imagine to Made to Stick…so what on earth would make you think I’m interested in Oprah’s Book Club?

You have more than enough personal information from me to construct a personalized e-mail for me containing the things that I actually like (Amazon.com does this all of the time; it’s not that hard)!!!

Barnes & Noble, you’re abusing your e-mail privileges by spamming my inbox with these  generic weekly e-mails.

Autoforward >> trash. I’m buying all my books from Amazon.com from here on out (…unless, of course, I need it really, really quickly).