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The Circles of Marketing

Another awesome reminder form Seth Godin that there is more to Marketing than advertising!

There is so much more depth, art, and skill required, which is honestly why I love it so much.

It is certainly a great though-provoking read!


Yet another golden nugget from Seth Godin: Click me!!!

Check it out and be inspired!!!

I love Seth Godin

Yes, you heard me correctly, I love Seth Godin.

Even if you’re not into marketing ideas/concepts, please read on!

When I had started my professional career, I had worked with several “marketing associates” and I wanted nothing to do with them (at work, anyway). They were great people doing the job they were instructed to do, but this job was more damage control than anything else.

I was convinced that marketing was just answering customer’s questions and provide assistance before they shipped a perfectly fine product back to us and said that it wasn’t working properly. Sure, there was some ‘voice of the customer’ activity going on, but this stopped abruptly after a product was launched and did not continue throughout the product’s life (usually people don’t have really good suggestions until they’ve been able to incorporate the product into their daily routine for a decent amount of time).

…and then came a friend who introduced me to Seth Godin, and my life changed for the better and will never be the same again.

This post is my public service announcement to raise awareness of this brilliant man.

His blog is here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/. Check it out! Set up an e-mail subscription! He’ll really get you thinking of things in a whole new light!

More examples to get you hooked:

The mathematical impossibility of universal delight

Speaking when they care (reorganizing the economics and attitude of customer service)

He also has a ton of free e-books and media!