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Shift in Perspective

I love motivational poster generators. They really have changed my life.

In honor of the first-gen iPad that I just ordered off of CowBoom.com for a slammin’ deal, I whipped up the following:

I used to ridicule my dad for his 2-finger ‘hunt and peck’ (or ‘seek and destroy’) method of typing…who would have thought that a few years later we’d all be typing with 2 fingers (let alone 2 THUMBS!) and thinking ourselves to be more technologically advanced than the 10 finger folks?!?

As funny as this is, I feel that it still begs the question: If we had deemed that 2-finger typing was far inefficient to our 10 finger typing, and we have whole high school and college classes and mail-order courses designed to teach you how to type with 10 fingers instead of 2, than why do we accept (and even seem to embrace) this 2-finger typing mandated by our newfangled technological devices?

Why, when we had a fresh palette (by means of a blank touchscreen) did we default to the traditional keyboard set-up/layout? I know that it’s familiar, and it has a quick learning curve, but is it the best way?

Maybe Google had it correct with Google Tap after all…


…and now you know what happens when you leave me alone with Inkscape and daFont.com.

Put Up Fences!

I love me a good piece of software – I think it comes with the territory of being a geek. I also love sharing these discoveries with others – I think that comes with the territory of being a didactic marketer/salesman!

Do you have so many icons on your desktop that you’ve forgotten what your desktop background looks like? Do you spend more than 5 seconds trying to find a specific icon on your desktop? Do you wish you had more organization of the icons on your desktop (beyond “Arrange by Name”)? Do you wish you could move entire blocks of icons at a time? Do you wish you could just double click and make all of your icons disappear?

Well, you’re in luck because today’s topic of discussion is Desktop Fences! …and they have a free version!!!

I fit into all of the categories above: I love a nice, clean desktop, but, since I’m working on several projects at once, I have a ton of shortcuts on my desktop.

Desktop Fences was an answer to my prayers, and I bet it can make your life easier too!

Here are the best features:

  • Simply click and drag to create a new “fence” on your desktop
  • Name your new fence
  • Just drag and drop icons into a fence
  • Click a fence header and drag it to move it and all of the related icons
  • Double click and your fences and icons disappear for a nice, clean desktop. Double click again and they come right back

…and, of course, there is a ton of customization available (from transparency levels to color scheme, etc).

Disclaimer (just to say I said it):  I still think that it’s a bad idea to store a bunch of documents on your desktop because, if your computer crashes, you’d lose everything, so I’d advise you (especially if you’re on a network), to keep all of your documents on the network, and create shortcuts to put into your new desktop fences.

Have you tried Desktop Fences? Any awesome software recommendations for me?

I hope you check out Desktop Fences and love it as much as I have!!!

I bought my wife a laptop for her birthday, and one gripe comes readily to mind.

Why have most laptop manufacturers not yet figured out how to solve the issue of the cumbersome power cord connection?

My old HP had the long, straight plug which came out of the back.

This connection was easily bent if you had the laptop sitting on your lap and you had a blanket or something else that could bunch up behind the laptop. After some time, this connection becomes weak from having all of the additional strain on it, and it could sometimes disconnect or fail to power the laptop.

My wife’s new computer has a long, straight plug coming out of the side.

This side configuration means that the plug can easily get bent if you sit too close to an obstruction or, again, if you have a blanket, etc on your lap while you’re using your computer.

I think that, at this point, I’m the most impressed with Apple’s magnetic power adapter (…and everyone who knows me gasped in awe). Yeah, it will come unplugged if you put pressure against it, but it won’t cause damage to your laptop!

What if the cord was mounted on top near one of the hinges for the screen? They could use a 90 degree plug and put a little cutaway on the top part of the laptop so the lid could close and open without interfering with the plug. This would also give you an extra 1/2″ to 1″ clearance for a blanket or something behind your computer.

What are your thoughts? What’s the best way to solve this issue (or did Apple already figure it out)?

Oh, and just for fun, you should visit this website. It’s what inspired me to start this blog in the first place!