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Don’t get me wrong…Anticipation can be a good thing, but, as with everything, it must be treated as a calculated risk.

I often think of the long lines that form outside of Apple stores before the release of the latest and greatest iDevice.

Once the doors open, two things are guaranteed to follow in a very short time:

  1. Apple is going to make a lot of money in a very short time.
  2. The internet is about to be abuzz with news links and blogs detailing the disappointments experienced with the new device (What do you mean the maps aren’t accurate?!?!).

It seems like, once some people get their hands on the newest iDevice, they focus their entire energy on finding every flaw with it.

Now, this may be an extreme example, but it is played out everyday (albeit, on a much smaller scale) whether you realize it or not:

It starts with the first add or the first media leak…basically the first time someone hears about a new service or device: they start dreaming about it. 

The danger in dreaming is that people start to imagine their use of the device or service. They start ‘dreaming-in’ features that may not exist, they start ‘dreaming-in’ applications for which the actual device/service may not be acceptable, and they may even ‘dream-in’ a level of usability that the device/ service may not have yet achieved.

When they receive or experience the new device/service, it is already under scrutiny: being compared against the perception that the individual has had ample time  to bake up in their minds.

There is a reason that unexpected gifts make us happier than expected ones (When you get an unexpected bonus you are happy and surprised; when you are expecting a certain dollar amount, you just get upset at how much the government takes away from it and lose focus of the extra money you have received).

So, if your goal is to make a lot of money in a short time (like a new movie), you can use audience anticipation as a great tool to achieve your goals, but, if you want to avoid criticism (or focus on maintaining a lasting seller-customer relationship), you must approach anticipation more delicately (ensure product/service features are explicitly laid out to prevent ‘over-dreaming’, etc.).


So, I’m looking for some audience participation here…

There have been countless studies regarding “when is the best time to post on Social Media”, and they’re all pretty interesting, but none seem to fit my target demographic very well.

Therefore, to serve you better, I need some help from you!

Please take the following polls, and let me know when you are most likely to be checking Facebook/LinkedIn!


Just for fun, here’s a sweet infographic on the topic:

Thanks again everyone!!!

Feel Good Friday!!!

Today I want to celebrate the awesome things that, without Social Media, we would not be able to do!

Often, we think of using Social Media to push our products, services, and agendas, but we must be careful to remember the awesome, amazing, life-changing things that we can accomplish with Social Media!

Please take the time to watch this video; you won’t regret it. I must warn you that it’s a real tear jerker (in a good way), but it is guaranteed to brighten up your day!!!

Feel free to check out the additional information here. (Also note the college fund that was started for Caine! It’s amazing to think that donations from complete strangers have raised such a large amount of money, and it’s even more amazing to think that this kid, who normally would not have had the opportunity for higher education, is going to have the means available to him to get some pretty darn nice schooling!)

I really hope that you’ve been inspired to strive to not just use Social Media to fill in the idle times of your day but to make a giant difference in the lives of the folks who need it most!!!

I guess I’m in an infographic mood tonight!
I know several friends with non-profits. It will be handy to hang onto this infographic and re-create it after social media has a few more years under its belt!

Deliriant Isti Romani (These Romans are mad!)

Always love a good infographic as you know. This one is based on a piece of research with 44 non-profits in the US who were connecting with their audiences online. There’s quite a lot fo metrics in there but quite telling was the proportion of email subscribers to social engagement.

For every 1,000 email subscribers, these charities and other NFPs has about 100 facebook fans, 30 twitter followers and 12 mobile subscribers.

Additionally, 35% of all revenue raised online came from email messaging, with an open rate of 12% and response rate of .08% on fundraising messages.

As the researchers point out, the data helps to establish a few benchmarks by which other non-profits can review and determine if their digital and social media fundraising efforts are on, above or below par with their peers. With the advent of social commerce, much of this data is likely to become enmeshed…

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Awesome infographic and information about Twitter!
It really makes me realize that I need an account… I’m WAY behind!

Fill My Salon Chair

Did you know that Twitter now has around half a billion registered profiles, with over 100 million in the USA alone?

Twitter users now send 175 million tweets every day and  the most popular events on Twitter generate (literally) tens of thousands of tweets every second.  

Recent Stats:

  • While the USA leads the way, Twitter is also massively popular in Brazil, Japan and the UK
  • Twitter’s most-followed user, Lady Gaga, is has reached 20 million followers
  • 64 percent of users access Twitter via Twitter.com
  • 69 percent of users follow others based on recommendations from friends
  • Tweets containing ‘interesting content’ are most likely to be retweeted

Salon use Twitter to:

  • Promote and showcase images of color, hair cuts, and up do’s
  • Recent news
  • Recent promotions
  • “2 pm opening just happened – first one that books 2 pm gets 5% off”

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Yet another great post! I would have never thought of buying “bookend” TV commercials (then again, I’m not in the position to purchase any TV commercials either!).

Anyway, the topic of video length is a good one (especially with the rise of YouTube and the online video age).

Two things stick out in my mind:

-First of all, a great example, any videos by Vat19.com. Talk about amazing online video marketing! These folks have it down. I highly recommend checking out any and all of their videos; they are very entertaining and clever (I promise I’m not making any commission from them!).

-Secondly, the Miller High Life commercial from a few Super Bowls back. Miller bought a 1 second spot and the commercial consisted of one man yelling “HIGH LIFE” at the top of his lungs at the camera. It happened so fast that it was hard to tell what even happened, but the media buzz created by the ad before and after the Super Bowl was greater than the hype for all of the other commercials combined.

Indeed, when it comes to video advertising, it is not always about the length of the video, but how you use it… 😉

Great article on Social Media Marketing basics (I especially like that the focus is on LinkedIn/YouTube, which I think are widely underutilized by most companies who solely focus on Facebook and Blogging)!

So many practices are already doing great things and making new success stories every day. It baffles me that more practices are not participating in social media and sharing these successes. After all, It can only help to personify the practice and gain more favor with potential patients.

MD Practice Consulting

In today’s increasing competition for patients, a medical practice needs to do more than open the doors and hope patients will come. Most mid-size towns and larger have any number of general and specialize care facilities. In marketing your medical practice, you need to reach out to your potential patients, be accessible and become visible to the community. Begin with a plan of marketing ideas for your medical practice. Include the focus for your practice, the type of patients you wish to serve and where these potential patients look for information. Profile your practice and your patients to narrow down what type of practice you plan to have. Some people still get most of their information from the print media or from television. Others receive their information from social networking. Use the Media Positive stories assist in marketing physician practices. Marketing ideas for medical practices include regular press…

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