Two water bottles. One fail, one win.

Can you guess which one is which?

While the two water bottles seem quite similar (except the fact that the grey Ironman water bottle holds more water), the Ironman water bottle is indeed the fail, and I knew it was a horribly designed water bottle before I even bought it! (…please don’t ask why I still bought it…it was the best one they had at the time…)

How did I know that this water bottle was so poorly designed before I even picked it up? Because the water bottle came with two extra straws.

This was a clear message to me that the straws were going to wear out. Before I had even bought the water bottle I was thinking about how the straws were going to have to be thrown out in the future. …and what do I do when I run out of straws?!?!

The problem is the way that the straw attaches to the lid:

The straw is shoved over a “hose barb” of sorts. What this means is that, in time, the straw becomes extended and will no longer fit snugly over the barb (so it just falls off into the bottle). You can even see from the picture that the straw is cracked.

So, how do we fix this problem?

For this, we turn to Eddie Bauer (or whoever they pay to design and manufacture this bottle for them).

The Eddie Bauer bottle holds its straw quite differently. The straw press fits (gently) into the lid. It still holds just as securely (if not better, since the straw doesn’t crack), and it can take many, many more insertions.

Tip of the Hat to Eddie Bauer (…or, again, props to whoever designs and manufactures this bottle for them).

Again, my one qualm…

The Eddie Bauer logo is chipping off because of repeated cycles in the dishwasher and some heavy use. If anything is going to wear, make sure it is not your logo! Now, when I look at “Eddie Bauer” it looks sloppy and chipped up and makes the brand seem cheaper. Take care in applying your logo so it will last (unless you’re really not proud of your product, that is)!!!