Now, I love my HTC Aria…

It has great battery life, it takes a drop like a champion, it’s small and light weight, and it can actually make a phone call (Wahoo!), but, like most things on this earth, it has one slight flaw…

That dang camera!!!

As you can see in the lower left, the camera is next to the speaker, in the top, center on the back of the phone.

When I bought the phone, I was pleased to see that the camera lens was sunk into the phone (so it would not get scratched easily). What I failed to think about then (but think about every single day now), is about how that “camera hole” is a dust, dirt, and lint trap!

Yes, this problem could be (mostly) alleviated if I didn’t put the phone in my pocket, but I would consider it normal use for someone to carry a phone in their pocket nowadays. I would have considered this use case in my design process.

So, now all of my pictures look fuzzy, blurry, and washed out. Some days I’m able to get a Q-tip in there and kind of push the lint around (so it’s mostly out of the way of the lens), and, when I’m feeling  really adventurous, I take a lens cleaning wipe and smash it into the camera hole, which can clean it out pretty well (temporarily, anyway).

I also have a few friends with iPhones, and they complain about the lens getting scratched all of the time.

It basically comes down to this: if we’re going to keep putting cameras on phones, we’ve got to find a better way to do it.